Message and Mission

The Message:

Founded in 2007 for the purpose of making everyone love table tennis which is the sport of people of all ages, increasing the interest to it, making our members become positive thinkers and respectful individuals by boosting their moral and motivations, enabling them to live healthily, serving the social integration with many activities to be carried out by providing cooperation among individuals, chambers, associations, public enterprises, private institutions and sports clubs, our association has been carrying on its activities in İzvet Arena Sports Hall since 2012. We thank those who contributed, our sponsors, provincial representative and members for their support in the opening process of our hall. In this regard, we invite everyone who has their heart on this sport to be members of our association and to give us moral and material support so as to survive this hall belonging to our association and accomplish our goal and mission. We present our best respect and love.

Our Mission:

-Promoting the life-long sport of table tennis for all ages and skill levels in the İzmir Area as well as the regional and national level.

– Providing everyone of all ages who love table tenis with healthy environment in    which they can play this sport and making this atmosphere sustainable,

– Popularizing this sport by advertising and generalizing it in our region,

– Training up healthy, happy and succesful individuals and players,

– Contributing our members and their families to socialize by giving the opportunity   to facilitate this sport,

– Making everyone of all ages feel sport excitement and keep them away from stres,

– Boosting our efficiency on both regional and national bases by becoming a club in   veterans and non-veterans ages as well.