Table Tennis History in Turkey

Table Tennis, started to be played within the rules in 1924s, is known to become common first in the second half of 1920’s in Turkey and to be performed first at Robert College. Table Tennis, which is an attractive and active sport, spread fast in İstanbul. The first İstanbul Championship was held by Altınordu Sports Club in 1930. Mr. Raşit, both a swimmer and a boxer in Fenerbahçe Sports Club brought Fenerbahçe the first champion title in this branch for the yellow-navy blue team by beating Semih Duransoy from İstanbulspor in the final match.
Table Tennis activities, which came to a standstill until1948, were constantly improving, but this was a disorganized increase and had imperfections in terms of organization. However, enthusiasm for the sport increased later on thanks to the efforts of young idealists such as Güneri Artunkal, Hamit Pişkin, Haşmet Tan, Mr. Ergün, Yorgo Vaselieades, Aleko Marisis and Ojen Read together with Kosta Mavridis’ efforts, who set his heart on this sport. As Turkey Table Tennis Federation had not been established until then. The improvement of Table Tennis was not fast and organized enough
In response to these developments in Istanbul, in Ankara Engineer Sabahattin, Necdet Müstecepli, Özhan Müstecepli, İlhan Müstecepli, later on Danyel Çiper, in 1950s Ojen Raat, Anastas Nilolau, Nazım Arpacı, Tuncay Cebeci, Erdem Günay, Koço Yuannides, in Izmir Vehbi Tırnaklı, Oğuz Özden were outstanding players.
With the official foundation of Table Tennis Federation in 1966, training activities began in young age children at schools with the foreign trainers. The first federation president was Ali Abalı who was also a journalist. After this period, Danyal Çiper, wearing the national uniform for 33 times and presiding at the Federation between 1973-1985 and 1993-1997 made a great effortfor the improvement of this sport in our country. Modern Table Tennis Events continued with Hungarian Trainers – Jelsko Hirbut and Yeno-  who  took up their duty in 1967 in Turkey. Within this term and in the following terms, successful table tennis players grew up such as Tuğrul Akas, Mehmet İçli, Mahmut Tezcan, Alpaslan Tengirşenk, Aydemir Cengiz, Haldun Mergen, Nusret Yerli, Hakkı Akil, Vasil Alekssandirisis, Oktay Çimen, Gürhan Yaldız, in women; Kadriye Poyrazoğlu, Selda Doğan. Vasil Alekssandirisis became champion in the Mediterranean Games in 1973-1975 and went down in Turkish Sport History as the first athlete who obtained an international success in this branch